SakuraM is our integration with FiveM. This integration allows you to be updated on your Dispatched Calls, Call 911 and access other services as we move along. This is currently a beta feature!

What is SakuraM

SakuraM is a plugin built for FiveM that allows you to integrate with your SakuraCAD. This plugin allows you to:

  • Notify 911 from an in-game environment,

  • Receive assigned calls from Dispatch

  • Change call statuses,

  • Issue quick-messages to Dispatch Staff

  • Request emergency assistance

Implementing SakuraM

SakuraM can be installed in your FiveM Server in a few simple steps.

Downloading from Github and Installation

  1. Download our plugin (the latest version) from GitHub Releases

  2. Place the complete content of the ZIP into /resources

  3. You should now have the content of the ZIP in /resources/SakuraM

  4. Enter your server.cfg file and paste the below information in, under the other ensure lines

ensure SakuraM
set sakura_licence "<LICENCE HERE WITHOUT BRACKETS>"